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Angled by the Flood: Poems about the Sea

‘Reading these poems makes me wonder how anyone could ever have supposed that poetry and science were at odds. With a passionate accuracy and attentiveness to detail these poems push, questioning, at the limits of our knowledge. And what better subject for such enquiry than the sea, that worldwide interconnected system in which a single organism or lap of a wave can be the bearer of a message that affects us all?’ – Philip Gross, Poet


A Hatchery of Shadows: Poems about Plants, Brain and the Imagination

‘I have read this anthology three times, with immense pleasure. Each reading has uncovered new meanings, new levels of enjoyment in the resources of free verse, handled with exceptional skill here by a bunch of fine poets. The anthology’s central themes — plants, the brain and imagination — are interwoven in a delightfully varied but unified verbal dance. The anthology is testimony to the unending capacity of the natural world to elicit wonder, curiosity, puzzlement and imaginative exploration.’ – Lucy Newlyn, Poet and Emeritus Fellow in English (St Edmund Hall, Oxford)


Haunted by Cycles of Return: Poems about Climate Change

‘I felt – as anyone reading them will – personally re-charged by their writers’ power of invention, the sense they give their reader or listener of the live imaginative mind in action, of the poet as dramatist as well as performer, of poetry’s unique capacity for long-distance travel within a short space of language.’ – Jane Draycott, Poet


The Wild Guide to Southern and Eastern England

TravMedia Travel Guide Book of the Year 2015 ‘This new compendium of wild weekend adventures features the best hidden places to visit in southern and eastern England, including ideas for slow food and wilder accommodation. From the wild swimming rivers, secret beaches and lost ruins of Norfolk and Suffolk, to the ancient woods, meadows and orchards of Kent and Sussex. Includes the New Forest and Isle of Wight.’


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