Things are happening

The weeks are slipping by in a haze of busyness, punctuated by welcome microadventures full of cycling and wild swimming. Preparation continues. Sponsorship ideas are flying around. I’ve been talking to the local newspaper. I keep adding names to the list of ‘important people to contact.’ Past ocean rowers are some of those people – it’s especially exciting to talk to someone who has actually done something similar. I’m sounding out the obligatory RYA courses, working out where I will be able to complete them. Physical training is underway – I’ve signed up for the Bristol Half Marathon in September so as to have a smaller milestone to aim for. Running is NOT my forte, so completing the half-marathon is a good short-term goal. I’ll update my (painful) progress over the next couple of months.

Yesterday was 11 months until the start of the row. I’m aware of how very little time there is, and how much everything hangs on gaining sponsorship, but I’m also really happy with how much has already happened. For a non-techie person, I’m excessively excited to have the website, Twitter and Facebook all talking to each other (I had a little bit of help with this J). The sponsorship documents are ready and waiting to approach businesses both big and small. The Indiegogo campaign is nearly ready to launch – more news on that to follow!

I’ve been really touched at how many people have come forward with suggestions, ideas and contacts. It reminds me how little the word ‘solo’ means when talking about an expedition of this size. There is no way I could even contemplate doing it without the help and support of so many others – people I haven’t even met are already helping out in all sorts of ways. Thank you everyone!

More to follow soon on training, sponsorship, and past expeditions (including the unicycle ride across England!)…

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