The Boat – first visit

Last Wednesday Steve and I went down to see how my boat is getting on, and to chat to Justin about some of the details. It was a brilliant day, and seeing the boat makes it all that much more real.

It has pride of place in Justin’s workshop, and looks beautiful (I think the boat is probably an ‘it’ until it is ready and has been launched, when it will become a she).

I sat in it, imagining that I was alone on the waves, far away from anyone. The boat feels quite big to sit in, but will definitely feel tiny out on the big ocean.

It is similar to other ocean rowing boats that Justin has built, but with improvements and adaptations. There is a space for the anchor to live right in the stern, and my sleeping space is slightly indented, meaning that I will be more snug and will not roll around so much. It also means that the hatches on each side of my bed are a little deeper than usual (more space for snacks!), and I can use them a bit more like shelves and a desk.



Justin and Will are working hard on getting the boat ready in time for the end of February, so each time I see it there will have been a lot of changes. It’s only a matter of weeks until I’m rowing it.

I can’t wait!


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