Say hello to Natracare, our new Silver Sponsor!

I’m really excited and proud to be able to welcome Natracare on board as a Silver Sponsor. Their ethical and environmental values make me really happy, and I was bowled over by how lovely the whole team are when I met them.

natracare logo

Natracare makes organic, natural, biodegradable feminine hygiene and baby products. All their products are chemical and additive-free, and are certified free from animal testing. Their philosophy is summed up as: “Mutual respect for the material and functional needs of people in balance with the responsibility to produce products in a measurably sustainable, ethical manner. To support conservation of the earth’s natural resources by using only certified organic and natural, plant-derived, renewable materials which can demonstrate the lowest measured carbon footprint and highest environmental credentials.”

As well as jumping on board as a Silver Sponsors, Natracare have provided me with enough organic, biodegradable wipes to see me through the whole adventure.

These should keep me clean across the Pacific!
These should keep me clean across the Pacific!

One of the areas that I am highlighting through this row is the issue of plastic pollution in our oceans. Natracare is well ahead of most in this, having already banned all crude oil plastics from their products.

Finally, Natracare are celebrating their 25th birthday this year – why not help them celebrate by trying out some of their products?

The lovely Natracare team!
The lovely Natracare team

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