First time on an ocean rowing boat!

Today I saw an ocean rowing boat for the first time.* I also explored her and lay down inside the cabin.

Having read so many ocean rowing books (recently ‘Rowing it Alone’ by Debra Veal, ‘Sally’s Odd at Sea’ by Sally Kettle, ‘Rowing the Atlantic’ by Roz Savage, and ‘A Dip in the Ocean’ by Sarah Outen), and looking at so many pictures and videos of ocean rowing, I’ve had a good idea of what the boats actually look like. For a while now I’ve been having dreams about being out on the ocean, but in the last few weeks they’ve started to be more detailed in terms of the boat and equipment. Today when I lay down in the cabin of the boat, I didn’t feel at all out of place. I felt like I’d already been there a few nights ago.

It was really nice to find that I loved being on the boat and in the cabin. I’m going to be there for a good three months, alone and with nowhere else to go, so I’ll be getting very familiar with my surroundings. I was really struck by how small she was, even though I already knew what to expect – this is something that I’ve heard other people remark on too. Imagining that little boat out in the middle of a huge ocean is certainly thought-provoking!


A couple of pictures from today:





* Thanks to Inspirational Friends, two lovely women I met today who will be rowing the Atlantic together this winter.

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