Funded by Bitcoin?

BitcoinHi all,

I’ve been supporting the Row from behind the scenes so far, and Elsa’s mentioned me in a couple of posts, but today I’m venturing out from behind the curtain with an interesting development.

I’m not sure how many readers of this blog will have heard of Bitcoin, but it’s becoming increasingly established and is on track to shake up the finance and commerce world in a big way. The introduction at WeUseCoins sums things up in a much clearer and more concise way than I could.

I am fortunate enough to have converted a few pounds into Bitcoins a few years ago, and the value of these is enough to fund a small but not insignificant portion of Elsa’s campaign. In looking further into how to go about this, I realised that there could be some mutually beneficial aspects that could both support Elsa and raise the profile of Bitcoin even further.

Today we’re launching a Bitcoin-focused facet to Elsa’s fundraising campaign. We’re actively seeking out sponsors willing to donate BTC, and to support our utilisation of these funds – some suppliers may be amenable to accepting the currency, others may not quite be there yet, and wish it to be converted to local denominations.

***UPDATE: our first Bitcoin has been donated!!! Thank you so much to our kind donor! Check out the donate page for a running total!***

London Bitcoin Expo logoWe’re going to be speaking and exhibiting at the London Bitcoin Expo this Saturday, thanks to fantastic organiser Alex – come along, or if you know any organisations or people that will be there please point them in our direction!

I’ve put together an open letter to the Bitcoin community, which I’m going to be tailoring and sending out to organisations in the coming weeks. If any individuals or organisations are interested in discussing this further, please email me at

Thanks for reading,
Steve – Campaign Manager



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