Over and out

Now that Elsa is safely back in the world, she'll be posting directly rather than via satphone/campaign manager linkup. It's wonderful to have her here in person, and I'll be gradually transitioning out of my support role and back to the day job.

Elsa's got lots to share, so keep reading if you'd like to hear more about her ocean adventures! I may make the occasional guest post but she'll be the boss going forward (same as always, actually!) Sign up to the newsletter via the box at the bottom of the front page to have things delivered directly.

If you're interested in booking Elsa for talks, articles or anything else, please get in touch.



PS: I know 'over and out' is a bit of a radio faux-pas, but it works in this context!

Elsa safe and dry in San Diego

After nearly two months at sea, Elsa Hammond arrived safely in San Diego this morning, Saturday 2nd August.

Elsa left Monterey Bay on June 9th, bound for Hawaii as one of only four solos in the Great Pacific Race. After battling 30ft waves and fierce winds, the final solo remaining in the race by over a month, she made a considered decision to alter course towards Mexico, and was assisted up the coast by a race support yacht.

Elsa covered almost 1,000 miles solo and unsupported in her self-righting custom built ocean rowing boat, Darien.

The video below shows Darien on tow by the support yacht, Elsa rowing to land, and her being reunited with her fiancée (Campaign Manager Steve), to whom she was engaged three weeks before she set out to sea.

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