New supporter: WP Engine

WP-Engine-Logo_CenteredWhat’s that? The site loaded in a flash? Well we have some news…

We’re very pleased to announce that WP Engine have agreed to support Elsa by hosting her site! WP Engine offer a fantastic fully-managed WordPress hosting solution, that should speed up the site considerably, and make our poor overworked Campaign Manager’s life a great deal easier.

Here’s Steve’s take on the move and on WP Engine’s provision:

I was a little apprehensive about moving Elsa’s site to another host – I’ve had nightmare experiences in the past trying to shift personal sites and had long periods of downtime, which wouldn’t be great at this time in Elsa’s campaign. But WP Engine’s clear and straightforward migration guidelines and tools worked perfectly.


Now we’re here, the difference is astonishing. The work that WP Engine does behind the scenes means that pages are loading in about a fifth of the time they were before, and the effort I had to spend on securing and optimising the site has vanished! I’d recommend WP Engine to anyone hosting a serious site who wants slick performance with minimal effort.

Thank you to WP Engine for supporting Elsa – we’re really appreciative! Check out their site for more info about hosting your WordPress with them.

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