Sea Trials – Cornwall (with awesome aerial footage!)

This weekend was boat boat boat!

On Saturday we headed down to see Justin at the SeaSabre workshop to get some of the final things fitted on the boat. Liferaft straps, Jetboil holder, new (longer) seat rails, and various other straps and attachments all went in. Only a couple more bits and pieces to go on in Monterey (plus a lot of food and kit), and she’ll be ready to go!

Sunday was a water day. Battling an unusually low tide near Padstow, we made it out with both boats and everyone still intact, though rather wet. I got some rowing training in while some super clever friends in the other boat managed to do some aerial filming of the boat using a GoPro attached to a hexacopter. Scroll right down to the bottom of the page for the video.

It’s really great to be starting to get a feel for the boat now – I can’t wait to get out there!

Walking the boat out to deeper water...
Walking the boat out to deeper water…
Hexacopter visible in the distance above me
Hexacopter visible in the distance
Disappearing into the distance
Disappearing onto the horizon

One thought on “Sea Trials – Cornwall (with awesome aerial footage!)

  1. Great post. Very exciting to see it all taking shape… please keep the info coming. Fab footage too. Have a good week, team Elsa! (& Steve, I owe you an email, sorry). Cheers, Eli


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