Newfination: Elsa Hammond Accepts Bitcoin To Row Across The Pacific Ocean!

Elsa-Hammond-and-Steve-Bullock-talk-about-support-from-the-Bitcoin-communityIt was a privilege to be interviewed by Donald McIntyre of Newfination today – check out the video here! Donald was once a Wall Street investment consultant, he has worked internationally in a range of businesses, and last year started Newfination to cover new finance and digital currencies.

Elsa’s support from the Bitcoin community is growing – were her first corporate sponsor and she has had numerous donations from individuals. It would be amazing to be able to publicise her challenge being funded significantly through Bitcoin donations and sponsorship! Turning around the mainstream media’s doom-and-gloom reports of lost wallets and asset seizures.

If you agree, jump on board! Donate Bitcoin now, or get in touch to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Thanks again to Donald – it will be strange to see ourselves on the same page as some very well-known faces!!

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