Gallery: WaterRower

image001Some photos we took for one of Elsa’s earliest supporters, WaterRower!

WaterRower have supplied Elsa with a machine to train on and another for taking to events. We have already displayed them at her events where they have gained much attention!

WaterRowers are quite different from other machines – they use water to provide the resistance. Not only does this make them look amazing, they also sound fantastic too!

Training on a WaterRower is as close to being on the water as it gets – the sound of the water is really meditative. The way that the water provides resistance means that there is no sudden jerkiness to the pull, and the harder you row the harder it resists – no messing with levers and settings!

Elsa says “my WaterRower has been fantastic for my training – I love the look and feel, it’s beautiful! Thanks, WaterRower!”

[AFG_gallery id=’2′]

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