New Partner: The GREAT Initiative

Great logoElsa is really excited to announce that she will be supporting the GREAT Initiative, alongside her existing charity partner Plastic Oceans.

The GREAT Initiative is the Gender Rights and Equality Action Trust. Their vision is a world where women and men have an equal chance to thrive. Their unique approach is founded on our belief that the best route to equality is through working with both women and men, and they are a catalyst for change – encouraging debate, influencing policy and challenging established attitudes.

The Great Initiative was founded by journalist and broadcaster Mariella Frostrup, international lawyer Jason McCue and performer and writer Karen Ruimy in 2010. They were joined on the Board by Maria Sukkar in 2013.

Elsa identifies strongly with GREAT’s values and will be working closely with them to support their fantastic work across the world.

Follow GREAT on Twitter, like them on Facebook and check out their website. We’re looking forward to supporting their work!

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