Day 8: A message from Elsa in the Pacific!

News from Elsa! She just sent this tweet:

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 22.51.27

and a longer email:

I was meaning to write a longer message and blog,  but writing is still making me feel sick, so putting it off for a few more days. Have attached photo though. Promise proper blogs soon.

Have seen dolphins, humpback whales, a shark ( from a distance), and albatrosses. Amazing. Whales are so big!

Creeping west – every night on sea anchor (bit of a faff as have to get rudder in and everything tied down etc, but getting more efficient), waves huge and really loud. Feeling challenged by weather, but always knew first first weeks would be especially hard. I look forward to rowing with the wind at some point, rather than against it. Big waves are both terrifying and exciting – like a theme park with no rules and no other people.

Please pass on my thanks for lovely messages – apologies I’m not replying but they mean a lot.

Photo not the best, but something I’d have liked to see in past.  My nighttime view inside my cabin. Just to the left I’m making water into my Ortlieb. GPS etc on right. My legs in sleeping bag in middle.

– Elsa xxx


So great to hear from her! She mentions that she appreciates everyone’s messages – please keep them coming via the contact form!

10 thoughts on “Day 8: A message from Elsa in the Pacific!

  1. Fabulous to read this update – thanks Elsa & Steve. Great pic too – helps to imagine what it’s like. The children will love your theme park analogy.

    Have a good one today – u have put a huge smile on my face. Xx


    1. Great to hear from you. So glad that you’ve seen plenty of wildlife. Reminded me of my days in the merchant navy. The passage up the west coast between Panama and Vancouver, Canada was always the best for wildlife sightings. Enjoy the starlight. All the best for your endeavours. Safe voyage. xxx


  2. There’s something so exciting in hearing your news from the middle of the ocean. Wind and waves sound scary – but wow! Many good wishes to you. xxxx


  3. Hi Elsa,
    I am following your progress every day and trying to imagine what forces of nature you are encountering. You are a strong, amazing woman and I am quite inspired by your daring and bravery. Keep up the good work and know that there are a lot of us “strangers” out here rooting for you!


  4. Hey Elsa you are doing great! Love the fact you’ve pushed on with other solos having returned to sit out the rough weather. Wow it must be rough to have broken an oar. One brave cookie!! Your immense will power and strength is an inspiration to us all. xx


  5. I’m Philip Cavanagh of team Battleborn’s mum and therefore they are my number 1 but Elsa I am completely overwhelmed by your courage and tenacity – God speed Elsa


  6. Hi Elsa! Thanks for the update. We’re thinking of you lots in the office & we (still) think you are absolutely amazing. Got Steve & the team coming in for a visit today so will send lots of support back through them, but have some from us too! We’ve got 3 school visits coming up in quick succession before the end of the school year and then a big strategic push over the summer holidays. We’ll be using you for inspiration. Thank you so much for all of your efforts; we appreciate it so much. Send our love to the whales.

    The GREAT team xxx


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