Message from Elsa – Day 12

Elsa writes:

Waves are still pretty big this morning, and I’m totally wiped out, so thought I’d take an hour to catchup with emails before heading out there. I’m lying on my back right now. Before I start rowing I have to cook up some food for the day, readjust the ‘button’ on the oar, which has slipped up towards the handle, and then sort out the sea anchor, rudder etc. All a faff and takes ages. Can’t wait to not have to bother with sea anchor every night! 

Loving peoples messages – really makes a difference. So sorry I’m not replying them – but I hope they keep writing. When I got the last update with all the messages, I’d spent the last two hours of my rowing shift crying out loud as I rowed, feeling totally frustrated and useless, so was amazing to read all those words at that point. 

I’ve finally made it to deeper water – just. I’m only on the cusp, so not getting the benefits yet, but psychologically it feels great to have passed that milestone. Yesterday I determined not to stop until I’d made it this far – meaning I was so exhausted when I went to bed I could hardly sit up to eat or brush my teeth before collapsing onto my back to fall asleep. Even the steam train waves, crashing into the side of the cabin, didn’t keep me awake last night. 

Hoping for another big push today – my next goal is to start making more south and west, so start seeing lighter winds, and then hopefully some helpful winds headed I the right direction! That’s what I want for the next couple of weeks….

Please continue to send messages for Elsa via the web form!

2 thoughts on “Message from Elsa – Day 12

  1. Elsa
    You are doing so well. We have been following your progress and reading your blogs; it sounds so tough. I know you can do it and hopefully when you reach deeper water and the winds change, rowing will improve. I was telling James Pearson from Eculine how tough it was, with the winds and waves.; he sends his best wishes too.
    Andrea x


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