What a challenge – a four and two pairs retire

From Campaign Manager, Steve Bullock:

Elsa reports that conditions are still challenging. Her  oars are holding up, and she’s added tethers to the spoons in case of breakages, that way they won’t get swept away and she stands a chance of being able to repair them. Contingency plans are in place in case she does need a resupply, but this will be a last resort as it will mean she will not class as ‘unsupported’, affecting her eligibility for world records and a position in the race.

Just how challenging is demonstrated in New Ocean Wave’s race reports – several crews have had a range of breakages from daggerboards to more oars. Elsa and her team’s thoughts are with the four-man team Pacific Rowers (race report) and male solos Jim Bauer (race report) and Daryl Farmer (race report), all of whom have had to retire from the race for different reasons. It must have been an incredibly tough call to make to ask for a rescue – all six men are incredibly brave.

This leaves Elsa as the only solo currently rowing – Mary Rose awaits a weather window after experiencing similar trouble to Elsa in getting out of Monterey Bay.

Check out the race reports and tracker for updates on positions, conditions and crews, and please send words of support to any and all crews, both those retired and those still rowing for challenge, adventure and a wide range of causes.

Please continue to send messages of support. Also like and share Elsa’s row on Facebookfollow her on Twittersubscribe to the newsletter – and dedicate miles and sponsor oar strokes!!

Elsa still has a way to go to reach her fundraising goals – please share as far and wide as you can.

2 thoughts on “What a challenge – a four and two pairs retire

    1. Elsa – keeping you in my prayers! You are truly courageous and amazing. Thoughts are with those too that were rescued.


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