Day 15 – waves and dolphins!

Another message from the Pacific! Elsa had a detailed satphone conversation with her shore team today, is confident that she can continue safely, and that she can make timely and appropriate decisions if she does need to request any assistance. Thank you all for messages of support and concern – read on, but don’t fear for her safety – all is in hand!!

Golly – it’s kind of scary reading all these rescue stories. Partly reminds me that I’m not mad and overreacting at how horrible the conditions are, but also scares me as it confirms that they are dangerous….These seas are no joke. Are those that have retired staying in Monterey a while or have they headed home? Really really really going to do my best to make it to Hawaii in one piece!

Previous pic was tiny and on sea anchor! Prob with getting pics of bad waves is that I’m too scared to let go of anything to try and take them, and nervous of taking camera things out of the cabin in these conditions. Am aiming to get plenty of film footage to use on my return.

Am rowing very carefully though and putting the oars first, and tethering the spoons in case of further breakages.

Today was a funny sort of day. The morning was markedly better than it has been, and I allowed myself briefly to hope that I was getting on the better weather. I only got splashed twice all morning, and was making good progress. Alas, the afternoon changed all that – totally mad and turbulent waves and strong wind making it impossible even to hold a course south. Got dumped on by wave after wave and ended up retiring to my cabin early, totally soaked, to warm up a bit.

I did see dolphins late morning though – a couple jumping through the water ahead of my boat.  Although it’s shit again now, that brief glance of slightly better weather this morning has made my spirits lift a bit – it can’t be this bad all the way.

Thank you to all for so many messages! Really does help to read them. Gives me more reasons to keep pushing through. Thank you to everyone who is sending messages and good wishes.

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Elsa still has a way to go to reach her fundraising goals – please share as far and wide as you can.

8 thoughts on “Day 15 – waves and dolphins!

  1. Elsa, you are amazing! I am following the race and am so amazed at your progress, stamina and determination. Keep up the good work and know that it WILL get better out there. Before you know it, you will be basking in the warm sun in Hawaii and sipping on an exotic drink! Sending good vibes you way,


  2. Brava bella sei proprio fanastica! Non credevo che era possibile fare qualche cosa così difficile ma tu c’è la fai!!! Well done lovely lady keep going you are an absolute inspiration! X Helena


  3. Well done, Elsa! Your progress south may have saved you some of the what the solo rowers behind you were facing. Your boat is good and strong, and so are you. Trust your preparation and resilience. Brilliant job tethering the spoons! Hang in there. Even if you’re only drifting south, that’s good, as the weather will get gentler. Even if you wind up in Mexico before turning west you’ll do fine as it’s generally calmer farther south. That’s why the whales migrate there in the winter. 😉 –Kate


  4. Elsa, you are an inspiration, my lady! Our Rotary Club in Salinas is following your progress and cheering you on, girl!


  5. Hi Elsa – you’re amazing. I’m totally hooked on watching your progress. Check you out as soon as I wake! Was thinking of you whilst gently sailing on south coast at weekend. Keep positive, stay strong & you will overcome those horrid waves & wind & find warmth & calmer ocean. What a life changing experience you are having. Take care, stay safe xx


  6. Blimey. A far cry from the capsize test in the floating harbour. I am so impressed with your fortitude and your resilience. Am sending you many good vibes. xxxx


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