Day 16 – oar lanyards, making a break for it…

From Elsa, in the Pacific:

Today has been frustrating as I’ve struggled to make any progress west at all. Rowing as hard as I can I’ve still been travelling a gentle south-east. I’m hoping to have more luck tomorrow and make a break for it in the early morning. It’s nice to be getting a little further south, but I need to make that west as well, and I know how far there is still to go…

I started rowing a little later than usual today as I spent some time in the morning making some ‘improvements’ to my kit. Using my hand drill for the first time, I’ve drilled some holes in the spoons of my remaining oars, and attached them to the boat by a lanyard. I’m rowing as carefully as I can, but hopefully this means that even if one does break now I won’t lose the spoons again, and would be able to make repairs. Ideally I won’t need them, but I feel a little more comfortable about them now.

Elsa's newly lanyard-ed oars
Elsa’s newly lanyard-ed oars

Thank you again to everyone who is sending messages and words of support – it makes a huge difference to me, and I look forward to downloading my emails each evening. Steve has been sending on the comments and messages to me. It’s so lovely to lie down in my cabin, sore and aching, after I’ve cleaned the salt off at the end of a long day, and read everyone’s messages. Thank you – you keep me going.

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13 thoughts on “Day 16 – oar lanyards, making a break for it…

  1. Have been following your progress Elsa, you’re doing so well. Everyone is rooting for you.
    All well here, will keep you posted on any news as the summer goes on.
    Keep going!! Lots of love Amy x x


  2. A hand drill, of course! I was wondering how you did it. Nice innovation. Maybe in the early morning hours you’ll be able to faintly hear us all cheering you on from land, urging you westward: “Go, Elsa, go! Go, Elsa, go!” You’re the only solo out there; how amazing is that? Calm seas and strong oar strokes to you. –Kate


  3. Also, I’m going to start using my cursor to help push your little red boat shape on the tracker westward. I’m sure it’ll work. 🙂


  4. Elsa – what an extraordinary thing you’re doing
    And how wonderful that you’ve managed to keep going. Somehow I can’t believe that anything’s going to stop you now!
    Huge congratulations and love to you
    Caroline x


  5. You are an inspiration!! I look fwd to hearing of your progress everyday! I’m cheering you on! Go West!


  6. I’m watching and praying for you everyday. I’m in awe of your strength and perseverance. Keep on keeping on Elsa. We believe in you. You are my vicarious thrill.


  7. Elsa – What an amazing person you are. Each morning we look on the map at your progress and look forward to your updates. Loved the description of the cooking! We are thinking of you lots. xx


  8. Well done Elsa! Keep pushing forward and thanks for sharing your experience with us – I look forward to hearing further progress updates!


  9. Hi Elsa, I’m hooked at following you and its great to see you making progress. I’m off to Algeria on Sunday and I’m just now hoping I will get enough internet access to be able to continue to follow to you. I let everyone I see know what an amazing thing you are doing and they are all rooting for you. So while you’re out there being drenched by waves you are doing something incredible and touching people’s hearts, for me it’s a kind of magic you are creating. Hugs


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