Pushing east, seat repair, turtle visit!

These few days are all about trying to make as much east as possible without losing too much ground to the south. There are some stronger winds on their way so I’m trying out get into as good as possible a position before they arrive. Although I’d love to visit Antarctica I’m not too keen on going in a rowing boat, and in any case I’m looking forward to Mexico! You’d think that now I’ve turned around I would be rowing with the wind, but although it’s far better, I still have to negotiate crosswinds, contrary currents and changeable weather to make safe landfall. No headwinds yet though, thank goodness 🙂

My rowing shift was interrupted this evening by one of the wheels falling off my seat. Digging out my tools and spares kit, I set to work changing it over for a new one. While I was working on it I noticed another couple that looked rather worse for wear, so changed those as well. There was nearly an unfortunate incident as I scrambled out of my hatch, all the Allen keys I possess in one hand, just as the boat was knocked by an unexpected wave. Luckily I kept a tight grip on them… The last hour of rowing today was noticeably smoother, and I’m looking forward to testing it out again tomorrow.

Fishy update:

The little fish still crowd around the bottom of the boat, although no one seems to be eating them at the moment. Today also saw a return (or a friend?) of the turtle. He’s really keen on looking at my rudder up close, probably because there are a few barnacles on it, but maybe also because it moves back and forth independently of the rest of the boat? Saw some dolphins in the distance this evening. This group didn’t come too close to the boat, but it seems that early evening is the time for dolphin spotting out here.

T.U.R.T.L.E. Power!
T.U.R.T.L.E. Power!

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2 thoughts on “Pushing east, seat repair, turtle visit!

  1. Hi Elsa 🙂
    You’re so lucky to be seeing all that wildlife. Have you given the turtle a name? We were sorry to hear that you had to change your plans. It must have been a really difficult decision but it sounds like it was the right one. As you said, safety has to come first and sometimes you do have to change plans at sea – it certainly doesn’t mean that you’ve given up, just that you’ll have a slightly different adventure. We hope the row continues to go smoothly 🙂
    Lots of love from Lucy and Kate (Lucy’s mum) xxx


  2. The turtle is an ancient and powerful feminine sign – a creature of powerful transformation which comes from the depths of the dark seas and yet creates new life on the land. It has 13 cells or blocks on its back, like the appearance of the moon each year. It brings knowledge and wisdom and is revered in every ancient culture in history, a very important and significant being, whether you are interested in shamanism or not! Very very good luck to see one, or have one near you. 🙂


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