A thank you from Elsa

To all Elsa’s kind supporters who have sent messages of support and helped with costs so far:

I just want to say a huge and special thank you to all of you have supported and are continuing to support me out here.

Having to change destination has meant that all our careful planning for the arrival and subsequent logistics have had to start again, leaving us facing numerous unexpected costs. Poor Steve is busy running around making arrangements, while I’m focusing on pushing out the miles without being dragged too far south.

I’m so grateful for all of your donations, and touched by the messages that have come in with them. We’ve closed new mile dedications, but have seen a massive jump in oar strokes being donated – fantastic, as there are a lot of strokes happening out here at the moment! The last couple of days have been long, hot and hard work, but the email that Steve sent through to me with all your messages and donations honestly made my day today.

Thank you so so much.



Please continue to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and by email – Elsa still has a way to go to cover costs and reach her funding goals for the three fantastic charities she is supporting.

Bring Elsa home!

Support Elsa’s journey home – donate as many oar strokes as you wish at £0.10 each!

Donate oar strokes

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